Snooker Coach 147 App

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Improve your snooker with the practice routines inside the Snooker Coach 147 App using Augmented Reality (AR) and log your frame scores and breaks.

#1 snooker coaching app!

Keeps track of your frame scores, breaks, state of mind... your complete snooker log diary.

Helps you to improve your snooker game with an extensive list of practice routines and sessions. Using Augmented Reality (AR), practice routines are projected in real-time on your snooker table.

Enter your snooker machtes, frames, breaks... into the app and see your progress e.g. using a widget on your home screen.

You can also create your own custom practice routines (using a table editor) and sessions. Enter your practice results in the app and see your improvement, day-by-day.

Your personal snooker coach

Practice routines

Use the build in practice routines and sessions, or create your personal practice session by grouping your preferred routines.

Augmented Reality

Practice routines are projected in realtime on your snooker table so you can setup the table perfectly each time.

Log your matches and progress

Log all your frame scores, breaks, confidence level, location in the app to keep an overview of your performance.

Practice program

Setup a complete practice program, specifically tailored to your needs. And log your results for all practice routines.


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Snooker Coach 147 app is so much easier than writing my matches out by hand and working out the percentages for my stats. Its the best app for snooker practice!

Rebacca Kenna, ranked 4th woman snooker in the world

Its great that you can enter your frame scores in the app. This motivates me to win the next time I encounter the same player.

Edmond, highest break 74

I was a beginning snooker player. The practice routines in Snooker Coach 147 motivated me to practice more and I do many different routines now, instead of always playing the same line-up.

Geert, highest break 94

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SnookerCoach requires iOS 13.0 or higher & Android 9 or higher, requires an internet connection, and is developed to run beautifully on iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android devices. The Augmented Reality (AR) feature requires a compatible device (iPhone 6s or higher, iPad 2017/pro or higher). Not all features are available yet on Android but we are working on it!

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